Announcing HappenZap - Mobile apps for Downtown and Retail

We're excited to announce our new product HappenZap, a rapid-deployment mobile app platform, built especially for Downtown Associations, Cities, Shopping Centers, and Churches. Built on BrewZap technology, mobile apps for Breweries, this is a new platform to showcase an area's businesses, events, promotions and more.

Bring new customers in and keep existing ones coming back

A custom mobile app powered by HappenZap is centered around the citizen / customer / member. Citizens will be amazed at all your area has to offer with the events and deals listings. They'll discover businesses they never knew about and there are even scavenger hunts for those that like to go out and explore. Plus with HappenZap, you'll be able to send alerts to customers to highlight businesses, deals, and anything else you can think of.

Focused on small business owners

HappenZap is designed around the local business owner. As the organization launching HappenZap, you have full control on how you use, configure, and monetize your mobile app. Typically, organizations will offer business owner the choice of a standard or enhanced business listings. Standard listings will be free and the organization is free to charge whatever they would like for an enhanced listing. Enhanced listings are more prominent and showcase the business's specials and events. The best part is, that business owners can log in and edit their information such as phone number, opening hours, and photos themselves. As an organization, that means less for you to manage.

Monetization opportunity for organizations

Downtown organizations and tourism boards often operate with a tight budget relying on grants and donations to operate. HappenZap allows your organization to bring in a little extra revenue like never before. Start by selling enhanced listings to your businesses. HappenZap then features the ability for business owners to opt into buying upsell featured such as the Spotlight Business an Spotlight Deal. Plus, you can even sell scheduled promotional alerts to businesses where they can notify customers directly about their latest deals. The best part is we stay out of the billing process. That means you don't have to share any of the revenue with us nor any of the app stores because you bill your businesses directly.

Go exploring with scavenger hunts

A truly unique feature to HappenZap, Scavenger Hunts. As the organization, you can curate a list of stops around your area for your users to explore. Stops can be art, statues, historical sites, businesses, or just about anything else with an address. Users can partake in a scavenger hunt around the area where an interactive map will guide them to all of the destinations. The user can check-in and mark it off the list. There's never been a better way to get users exploring than with HappenZap Scavenger Hunts.


An ugly app is an app that is not used and eventually uninstalled. We've done the market research and there are a lot of ugly apps out there for municipalities. With HappenZap, you can do better. We start with your logo, color, theme, and photos to brand your mobile app uniquely to your organization. Then we deliver a custom mobile app that is unique to your organization.

Businesses Can Push Alerts Directly to Customers

Unique to HappenZap, Business Owners can push promotional alerts directly to customer's devices. Not to worry though! The organization can set the schedule of when alerts go out and business owners choose to buy available time slots for an alert. This means your users don't get too many alerts. You can review the alerts before they go out too.

Rapid Deployment

If you were to build a mobile app from scratch, it would take months to deploy. With HappenZap, the mobile app is already built. We just plug in your businesses and brand. This gives you an app in weeks instead of months.

Shared Technology equals More Innovation

HappenZap and BrewZap share technology. In fact, BrewZap's newest feature, scheduled alerts, comes straight from HappenZap. HappenZap's event system comes from BrewZap. That's good news for both platforms!

Try it out

You may not live in our launch area near Downtown Mansfield Texas, but you can still check it out. Downtown Mansfield Inc. did an excellent job curating the content that went into the platform.

Want to learn more?

Visit our website at

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